TECHNOLOGIES - Equipment ISO 9001:2008 Certified

Two Dimensional 3-Axis Laser Cutting
The Laser Cutting Company operates two 3-axis 4000 watt Trumpf model 3030’s, one 4,000 watt Mazak hyper gear, one 2500 watt Mazak, and one 1500 Mazak.

Maximum part size of 60” x 120”.

Maximum length of 120"

Three Dimensional 5-Axis Laser Cutting
The Laser Cutting Company operates two 5-axis lasers equipped with pallet shuttle systems. Our 5-axis Mazaks are 2000 watt 3D laser paths.

Maximum thickness up to .394"

Maximum part size capacity is 120" x 60" x 40".

All parts are numerically nested to optimize material utilization.

Materials Used...
  Material Thickness
Low Carbon .004” to .750”
High Carbon .004” to .500”
HSLA  .004” to .750”
Stainless .004” to .500”
Aluminum .004” to .312”
Spring Steel      .004” to .500”
Additional Materials
Titanium, Inconel, Hastalloy, Brass, Galvanized, Silicon Steel, Tool Steel, Aircraft and other exotic material.
TECHNOLOGIES - Benefits ISO 9001:2008 Certified

By using laser technology you will be able to create parts quickly and cost effectively.  There are no tooling requirements due to the fact that you simply program the computer and the Laser is able to accurately cut and reproduce the design over and over again.  Unlike traditional cutting methods a laser beam exerts no mechanical or outside contact on the piece being cut.
A laser beam can be focused on an extremely small area from 0.1 to 1mm in diameter. Because of the ability to focus a laser beam that can equal a million Watts per cm2, the incident laser beam causes a type of superficial fusion that triggers the cutting process in nearly all metals, in spite of the high levels of surface reflectivity.